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Erosion Control, Hydroseeding & Restoration

Hydroseeding is a combination of seed, fertilizer, hydromulch & tackifier. This creates a perfect growth medium to germinate and establish the plant material.
Green Growth has successfully installed all varieties of turf grasses, ground covers, erosion control mixes & native plant mixes.
(BFM) Bonded Fiber Matrix:
Hydroseed materials are combined with advanced binding agents - poly fibers, locking fibers, guar binder, polyacrylamide & straw/wood/cellulose mulch. BFM's offer increased protection during severe weather and increased slopes.

Straw Blowing/Mulching:

Straw and tackifier is also utilized as a BFM, the 2-step process has the unique ability to filter soil particle's from water before it leaves the construction site.

It is also available as a 3-step process of hydroseeding , straw & tackifier for long term erosion control.

BMP's - Best Management Practices:

BMP's / straw wattles, silt fences, jute or coir blankets, Drain Inlet protection, rock filter bags & other additional processes and combinations make up these soil stabilization systems.

Site Maintenance:

Construction site maintenance for soil erosion control including mowing, watering, removal of weeds & reseeding.

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